Built In Mask Purge

A properly fitted snorkeling mask should not leak. Snorkeling is fun but a big smile can cause a small leak. Sometimes hair stuck in the mask skirt can cause a leak too. A purge valve allows you to eliminate water through the one-way purge valve without removing or tipping your mask. If your mask has a built-in purge just exhale normally through your nose. The water will drain out of the purge valve. The purge needs to be at the lowest point in order to work properly.

Easy Equalize Design

Super pliable textured stretch zones on each side of the nose pocket allow you to pinch your nose to equalize without pulling the mask skirt away from your face. This feature maintains the integrity of the mask seal and greatly reduces leaking. Leak free equalizing has never been easier!

Panoramic Lens

Revolutionary in design, some Aqua Lung Sport masks feature patented panoramic lens technology that provides maximum peripheral vision and overall visibility. The front and side glass lenses are bonded together, eliminating the lens frame and providing an expanded, uninterrupted field of vision. Now you can expand your snorkeling experience with panoramic vision!

Hydroadhesion Technology

Based on hydro-adhesion principles, all Aqua Lung Sport splash guards will keep water out of your snorkel while you're on the surface of the water. Water that enters the top of the snorkel while you're on the surface of the water will "cling" to the inner surface of the splash guard and drain out and will not enter the breathing tube. Snorkels equipped with hydro-adhesion splash guards also have an open barrel design to provide excellent airflow. All models include a built in purge at the bottom of the snorkel too. While snorkeling on the surface of the water just breathe normally. When you want to dive under the water take a deep breath and then submerge. The snorkel will flood with water once submerged. When you resurface just blow the water out by exhaling sharply.

Dry Top Snorkel

Aqua Lung Sport offers a variety of patented "Dry" snorkel top designs that all close to seal out water when you go under water. While snorkeling on the surface of the water just breathe normally. When you want to dive under the water take a deep breath and then submerge. The snorkel will automatically close and seal out the water from the tube. When you resurface just exhale and breathe normally. As long as you keep a good seal with your mouth on the mouthpiece your snorkel will not take in any water.

Quick-Release Buckle

Some models of Aqua Lung Sport fins are equipped with quick release buckles. The quick release feature allows you to remove your fins quickly and easily when exiting the water.

Pivot-Flex Technology

The patented Aqua Lung Sport Pivot Flex fins are uniquely designed to maximize thrust with minimum effort. The Pivot Flex blade separates from the front of the foot pocket which allows the water to pass through instead of being pushed down, greatly reducing wasted energy. Reinforced techno-polymer pivot points join the blade to the rails providing a smooth easy kick that virtually eliminates foot strain and cramping while offering effortless thrust and hours of comfort. Traditional fin blades are attached to the front of the foot pocket and are harder to kick. Pivot Flex fins are easier to kick and are more comfortable and efficient.