Ola Jr

MRP $9.99

Gear up for your next underwater adventure with the Ola Jr snorkeling mask! The Ola Jr is perfect for younger snorkelers or women who need a mask designed for a narrower face shape. The 1-window lens design provides great visibility for exploring the water. Made of durable polycarbonate, the Ola Jr is ready for any adventure!

  • Perfect for snorkeling adventures or recreational swimming in the pool, lake or ocean
  • Face skirt designed to fit smaller, narrower face shapes
  • Single window, polycarbonate lens provides durability and visibility

Snorkeling Gear for Kids

Aqua Lung Sport's snorkeling gear for kids puts safety first with an equal amount of attention on comfort and ease of use. Aqua Lung's long history of making snorkeling kits is a testament to why we have the highest rated snorkeling equipment with the best reviews and routinely voted the safest snorkeling gear for kids. Aqua Lung Sport's youth snorkeling sets and easy to use masks feature fun colors and technolgies that let children build water confidence and focus on exploring the wonders of the underwater world.