MRP $9.99

The Sonora snorkel protects your snorkeling adventures from splashes with the Hydro-Adhesion Splash Guard and an Easy-Clear Purge Valve. It's designed for comfort with a flex section and a contoured barrel for a fined tuned fit.

  • Hydro-adhesion Technology splash guard
  • Full-flex section for enhanced function and to fine tune fit
  • Contoured barrel is ergonomically shaped for correct positioning and comfort
  • Easy-clear purge valve

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Snorkeling Gear for Adults

Aqua Lung Sport snorkeling gear for adults opens up a whole new underwater world. When you're traveling on your next vacation, explore the reef's sea life with awe and confidence that you've got the best snorkeling equipment, with the highest safety and ease of use ratings. Bring your Aqua Lung Sport snorkeling set on your snorkeling tours and create a lifetime of cherished memories.