Cozumel Combo

MRP $24.99

Enhance your next snorkeling trip with the Cozumel snorkeling combo! This two-piece set includes a mask and snorkel to get you started on your underwater adventures. The Cozumel mask features a comfortable and soft Siltech face skirt and easy-adjust buckles to ensure a secure fit. A splash guard on the Seabreeze snorkel helps to prevent water from surface splashing from entering your snorkel’s barrel.

Cozumel Mask:
  • Face skirt is made of comfortable Siltech
  • Easy-adjust buckles let you create the perfect fit
Seabreeze Snorkel:
  • Splashguard top is designed to keep water from surface splashing from entering your snorkel
  • One-way purge valve allows easy cleaning

Snorkeling Combos

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