Anacapa 1 Combo

MRP $29.99

The water is calling, and the Anacapa 1 snorkeling combo is your answer. Sporting a comfortable mask with and easy-adjust buckles and feature-filled snorkel, the Anacapa 1 snorkeling combo brings an ideal pair to your aquatic adventures. The submersible, dry-top Island Dry snorkel boasts Pivot Dry Technology to keep water out of the breathing tube, and a flex section is ergonomically shaped for optimized fit and maximum comfort.

Anacapa 1 Mask:
  • Comfortable fit
  • East-adjust buckles
Island Dry Snorkel:
  • Submersible, dry-top design
  • Pivot Dry Technology
  • Water stays out of tube even below surface
  • Ergonomically shaped mouthpiece
  • Flex section
  • 1-way purge valve

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