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Enjoy your underwater adventure with Aqua Lung Sport equipment that offers you best comfort and security.
Made in Italy |  Hergestellt in Italien

Made in Italy 

Premium Quality |  Premium Qualität

Premium Quality 




Refer to each product individually to see which of these technologies are applicable

 Easy To Adjust Buckles |  Komfort Schnallensystem

Easy To Adjust Buckles 

 Pinch&Pull Pro Glide Buckles |  Pinch&Pull Rollenschnallensystem

Pinch&Pull Pro Glide Buckles


 Swivel Buckles |  Drehbares Komfort Schnallensystem

Swivel Buckles

Swivel Pinch&Pull Pro Glide Buckles |  Drehbares Pinch&Pull Rollenschnallensystem 

Swivel Pinch&Pull Pro Glide Buckles

Swivel 3-Way-Buckles |  Drehbares 3-Wege-Schnallensystem  Swivel 3-Way-Buckles   New Quick-Fit Buckle System |  Neues Quick-Fit Schnallensystem

New Quick-Fit Buckle System

Silicone Skirt |  Silikon Maskenkörper  Silicone Skirt  Siltech Skirt |  Siltech Maskenkörper 

Siltech Skirt 

 180° Panoramic Vision |  180° Panorama-Sichtfeld 180° Panoramic Vision   Tempered Glass |  Sicherheitsglas Tempered Glass
Exclusive Lens Technology |  Exklusive Linsentechnologie 

Exclusive Lens Technology 





Refer to each product individually to see which of these technologies are applicable

Pivot Dry Technology |  Pivot Dry Technologie


Patented Pivot Dry Technology

Keeps water out when submerged 
Open barrel - unobstructed breathing
Visible technology understood by general consumer
Das patentierte, innovative Pivot Dry Cap System verschliesst den Spritzschutz beim Abtauchen und verhindert so unnötigen Ausblasaufwand.


Water surface: Pivot Dry Cap is open

Due to its construction, the Pivot Dry Cap is always open on the surface. The slanted opening of the snorkel tube and the special internal structure of the cap prevent water from entering the snorkel tube.


Diving: Pivot Dry Cap is closed

The higher water pressure and the air chamber in the cap lead to the mechanical closing of the cap and ensures that water can not enter during diving. When coming up tu surface the cap opens again and you can breath normally.


 Pivot Dry Technology |  Pivot Dry Technologie

Pivot Dry Technology 

Hydro-Adhesion™ Technology |  Hydro-Adhesion™ Technologie

Hydro-Adhesion™ Technology


Dry Top Splashguard |  Dry Top Spritzschutz

Dry Top Splashguard 

Splashguard with purge channel |  Spritzschutz mit Abfl usskanal

Splashguard with purge channel 


Flexible Tube |  Flexibler Faltenschlauch

Flexible Tube 

Silicone Mouthpiece with Purge Valve |  Silikon Mundstück mit Ausblasventil

Silicone Mouthpiece with Purge Valve 


J-Snorkel |  J-Schnorchel


Anatomic mouthpiece |  Anatomisches Mundstück

Anatomic mouthpiece 




Refer to each product individually to see which of these technologies are applicable

Adjustable Foot-Pocket Buckles |  Schnallensystem zur Einstellung des Flossenbandes

Adjustable Foot-Pocket Buckles 

Vented Fin Blades |  Flossenblatt mit Strömungskanälen

Vented Fin Blades 

Central Powerflex Channel |  Zentraler Powerflex Kanal

Central Powerflex Channel 

Hydro Power Channel |  Wasserkraft Kanal

Hydro Power Channel 


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