Set Proflex Pro ADJ



  • High-quality two lens diving mask with tempered glass
  • High-quality silicone skirt for excellent sealing
  • Easy-adjust mask strap made of silicone, micro-adjustment for excellent fit
  • Comfortable Swivel Buckle System for easy adjustment

Silicone Skirt | Silikon Maskenkörper Tempered Glass | Sicherheitsglas Swivel Buckles | Drehbares Komfort Schnallensystem


  • Ergonomic valve snorkel
  • Comfortable silicone mouthpiece
  • Adjustable Quick Clip snorkel keeper and Hydro-Adhesion™ Technology

Silicone Mouthpiece with Purge Valve | Silikon Mundstück mit Ausblasventil Hydro-Adhesion™ Technology | Hydro-Adhesion™ Technologie 


  • High-quality fins with open heel and adjustable foot pocket
  • Enhanced swimming comfort by unique combination of blade ­materials (EVA and TPR) and ”twin channel” system
  • Strong stabilizing side ribs provide excellent thrust and stability

Vented Fin Blades | Flossenblatt mit Strömungskanälen Adjustable Foot-Pocket Buckles | Schnallensystem zur Einstellung des Flossenbandes

Including Bag

  • Size: S/M - 36-40, M/L - 40-44, L/XL - 44-48
  • Colour: silver/orange


Snorkeling Gear for Adults

Aqua Lung Sport snorkeling gear for adults opens up a whole new underwater world. When you're traveling on your next vacation, explore the reef's sea life with awe and confidence that you've got the best snorkeling equipment, with the highest safety and ease of use ratings. Bring your Aqua Lung Sport snorkeling set on your snorkeling tours and create a lifetime of cherished memories.

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